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Age Verify extension for WB 11 and above


This is an extension that allows setting up a gateway which would allow you to setup age verification on your website. Particularly if your site deals with products or contents that are age sensitive example, sites related to alcohol, smoking, adult toys, adult movies or any adult topics. The visitor when tries to access your site wil be welcomed with a page that will ask him to verify his/her age and if he is below, he will be asked to leave and if above only then the main website/page will open.

For verification this extension uses php and not java script or jQuery so even if java script is disabled, this extension will work

Click here for Live Demo of the process

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Once you make the payment the download link will be mailed to you instantly and will be valid for 6 (Six) hours. All the products have a LIVE Demo, ensure you see before you buy We will go out of the way to help you install the extensions, but sorry there are no refunds. A single license of this product is valid for one domain/website only