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What this extension does?

It will place a form on your webpage and when a visitor fills it and submits the same; his details are mailed to the website owner and also are stored on your website in a database (.csv file). Apart from that an auto email is sent to the submitter of the form.

What is this actually meant for?
Well, this is an extension that can be used in various ways…some suggestions-

  • You may use this to send a download link to the visitor after he submits the form. Since the email to the visitor will go to the email address submitted by him, you are sure it is a correct email and may use it for later communication.
  • You may use this as a ‘Subscribe’ form.
  • You may use this to send any data in exchange of correct details of the visitor.
  • You may think of any other way to use it (Please let us know, so we can use it that way too).


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