You can add YouTube videos in your posts.
Website development / July 6th, 2024 2:17 pm
With this Blog extension, you can also add YouTube videos to your blog posts.
You can see an example video below.
How To Install XAMPP On A USB Drive Properly With No Errors?
Website development / June 18th, 2023 5:21 pm

Most of the time, you install XAMPP on your computer storage.
Have you ever thought to install it on a USB drive? It’s interesting to know that you can run it from your USB flash drive.
There is nothing to worry about. Here is the easiest tutorial which can help you in many ways.
The best part is that you can install two XAMPP servers on your computer with the help of a USB drive.

As you all know, XAMPP is the free tool which can be used to create an offline environment for many...


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