How To Install XAMPP On A USB Drive Properly With No Errors?
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Most of the time, you install XAMPP on your computer storage.
Have you ever thought to install it on a USB drive? It’s interesting to know that you can run it from your USB flash drive.
There is nothing to worry about. Here is the easiest tutorial which can help you in many ways.
The best part is that you can install two XAMPP servers on your computer with the help of a USB drive.

As you all know, XAMPP is the free tool which can be used to create an offline environment for many platforms.
It acts just like an online server. Most of the people use it for the testing purpose.
You can install XAMPP to your computer but one of our readers asked to install XAMPP on a USB drive. Do you know how to do that?
Well, there is nothing much to worry about.
In this tutorial, you will get the easiest way to complete the goal.

A step by step guide to install XAMPP ON A USB drive

Follow each step and you will have the XAMPP installation on your USB drive.

Step 1:- First of all, go to XAMPP official website to download the setup for the software. On the download page, you will find many types of XAMPP setup files.
install xampp on a flash drive
You have to click on “More Downloads“.

Step 2:- A new page will open for you. On this page, you will find an option to download the portable XAMPP file.
Download the .exe file to your computer.
The position of the download link keeps changing. So make sure that you choose the portable version of the XAMPP software.
install xampp on a flash drive
If you download the simple XAMPP version then it won’t work on a USB drive.

Step 3:- Plug in the USB drive to your computer and click on the setup file to install the setup. In the middle, you would be asked to choose the location for the setup.
Choose the USB drive. I have shown the “F” drive.
I have also created a new folder with the name “XAMPP”. You can change it. The choice is yours.

Step 4:- In the middle or at the last, you would be asked to change the user permissions so that all the features of the Xampp software can work properly.
If you have already installed XAMPP to your computer then nothing to worry about, you have already allowed it.
Wait for the completion of the installation. It may take a few minutes.
After completion, you can check it by clicking on the XAMPP icon in your USB drive. It will open and you can use it the way you want.
Congrats, you have successfully installed XAMPP on a USB drive.

Isn't that easy to install XAMPP on a Flash drive?

Such types of things are really easy. You just have to follow the guide as I have mentioned earlier.
There is nothing technical in that. It’s like all other softwares. The only difference is to choose the location of the installation.
Choose the name of your USB drive and you will have a fresh installation of XAMPP in it. It can be used for different purposes.
You can start testing your projects using XAMPP. If you still face any problem, I am here to help you.
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