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Countdown/Count-up timer/clock

A JavaScript countdown/Count-up timer/clock/ticker to/from the target date and time of your choice.

You can also customize the display format, foreground and background colors of the countdown timer.

Specifies the step value or period (in seconds) for the counter. Use positive number for counting up, negative number for counting down. Value is rounded up to next integer. When specifying positive (count up), be sure to specify past Target Date, otherwise only the finish message is displayed. Single digits are displayed with leading zeros, unless Leading Zero is set to false. allows you to format the Countdown/Count-up display to your liking. For example, instead of the default English, you can use terms from your own language, or make any other desired adjustments, like omitting the Seconds segment. is used to enable to disable counting. If you only want to show a fixed static time-remaining message, set it to false. It’ll save on browser resources.
Use Finish Message to display a desired message (or nothing, i.e. “”), when countdown reaches zero. Obviously never displayed when counting up.


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