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Country Based Redirection Extension for Webbuilder

This Extensions is for the Website development software:
” WYSIWYG Web Builder ” (
  • Automatically detect your visitor country
  • Apply a SITEWIDE redirect
  • Apply a redirect only for a specific pages

With this extension you can easily redirect your visitors to the site, which has the appropriate language. For example if somebody comes from an ES, MX etc. Spanish language territory, then he can see the the webpage in Spanish on the subdomain. If he want to see the webpage in English after all, then you can offer an English language subdomain.

You can decide what kind of visitors with which Country Code can see your webpage.

Use this extension to:

  • Personalize web content
  • Tailor advertising
  • Conduct traffic analysis
  • Enforce digital rights
  • Efficiently route Internet traffic
  • Comply with legal regulations

Does not require SQL Database

Click here for Online Demo

Click here for the list of countries

Cost US$ 19.99