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cPanel Email login directly from your webpage

Many of us use cpanel email, that we create on cpanel and use for ourself or provide to our clients.
However, to reach the mail we provide the cpanel login page for the client to login. This does not  look too  good as the client has to login to his account from cpanel page (example:

To make this passover, that is “client login>>mail client“, smooth this plugin is here. Basically I had created this for a client but then thought this maybe useful for some.

How it works?

This is simply a login form.
Create a page called ‘mail‘ (or anything you want) on your site and place this extension on it. You may configure it as per requirement.
Make the mail page extension as php
Now upload the page and goto ‘mail.php’…..enter your cpanel email and the password and click on Login
And you will directly reach the mail page of your cpanel. So, virtually the login process acts on YOUR page and not on cPanel


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Hope you find this useful