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FAQ RACK / Knowledge Base Extension for WB

This Extensions is for the Website development software:
” WYSIWYG Web Builder ” (

What is this extension for?

FAQ RACK is an extremely easy way to add a Dynamic (manage online) FAQ /Knowledge Base section on your Web Builder 7 or 8 generated website.

FAQ RACK WB 7 & 8 extension that uses SQL database, comes with an installer and has a simple Admin interface.
It is to have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question/Knowledge Base ) section on your site where you can add n number of Categories, n number of Questions, pertaining to the Category, and their Answers and all these you can manage online


- Dynamic FAQ/Knowledge Base Management.

- Simple to manage

- Simple Admin Interface.

- Add/Edit/Delete Categories.

- Add/Edit/Delete Questions.

- Add/Edit/Delete Answers.

- SQL Database driven (extremly secure).

- Font Size, colours manageable through Extension settings.

- Easily integrate into your webpage created with WB7 or WB8.

- Manage the Admin section through WB created page online

- Simple to install & manage.

- Search Engine Friendly.

- Install and Use guide included.

Click here for Live Demo 


A server supporting php and SQL




Once you make the payment the download link will be mailed to you instantly and will be valid for 3 (Three) hours. The products has a LIVE Demo, ensure you see before you buy We will go out of the way to help you install the extensions, but sorry there are no refunds. A single license of this product is valid for one domain/website only