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Forum Extension for Webbuilder



This Extensions is for the Website development software:
” WYSIWYG Web Builder ” (

This is an extremely easy way to add a Dynamic forum on your site. The best part is, it does not use a SQL Database hence makes it simple for novice users to have a fully functional Forum on their website.

This is an extremely easy to use but sophisticated Forum. The forum amalgamates with your website very well and hence becomes a part of your website. Unlike other forums which look different from your website and also require lot of configuration, server space and are cumbersome to manage.

The Forum can be installed in 3 languages- English, Deutsch and Espanol

This easy to use basic forum doesn’t use SQL database hence can be used by anyone even if he has no knowledge of SQL.


Features of the forum

Set colours of the forum to match your website.
Not template based, can be used on any page (html or php)
Simple to configure and install
No sql database required.
Users can registe/login to post
Captcha protection
Shows number of users online
Search within forum
Add rules of the forum
Add FAQ’s
Show user ranking
Assign Moderators to manage categories/forum

Add posts
Add Topics
E-Mail notification of responses to your topic
View edit profile data
Change Password
Subscribe to Newsletter
Add signature
Add avatar
Send emails (PMs) to other user
Delete your account (secure-need your password to delete account)

Loads of setting in the admin panel like…
Add Boards/Topics/Posts
Show statistics
RSS feed
Send email notification on new post
Allow user to upload Avatar
Set IP barrier
Create Groups
Set forum to ofline/online status
Add info text about the forum
Add Rules
Add FAQ’s
Add contact information
Edit/Delete/Add users
Create/Send Newsletters to members
Filter Bad words

Some Screenshots:

User Profile page

Admin sections

Click here for Live Demo 


Once you make the payment the download link will be mailed to you instantly and will be valid for 6 (Six) hours.