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Hide page extensions in URLs

This is a way to remove page extensions from your website URLs.
For example if your site link is-
it will now look

There are a bunch of reasons you’d want to do this, mainly:

  • it looks cleaner and easier to read and remember
  • by using search-engine–friendly URLs, you’re Google PageRank will increase and will increase your website’s findability
  • it makes your website environment-independent, so if you ever decide to change the technology your site uses, everything would appear seamless to your visitors.

This applies to html, htm, asp, aspx,php and shtml

The best part is, you can still access the page with .php (or any extension) on the end of it, so no old incoming links or bookmarks become orphaned as a result of this, and everyone is happy!

I have made this script into a WB extension for the ease of  WB users, however, if you are not a WB user, you may contact me for the code.


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