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Hoopla eCommerce Template for Webbuilder 12x

Hoopla is an ecommerce template for WYSIWYG Webbuilder 12.0.5 and above. It is built using the robust infrastructure of WB12 and the efficient Vibracart Paypal Script. Hence it is one of the best ecommerce template available for Webbuilder.

The template has few innovative and exclusive extension: (they come only with this template)

  1. Vibracart Paypal extension (professional paypal shopping cart extension)
  2. Picture Enlarger Extension (Shopping images enlarge when clicked upon)
  3. Up Slider Extension (The image header slides up on its own using parallax method)

Features of the Ecommerce template:

  • Simple to use
  • Very easy to make it your own site.
  • Uses the most widely accepted payment gateway world wide – Paypal.
  • No database required
  • All cart pages are HTML pages except the contact page
  • HTML5
  • Has sections for Men and Women which is further divided into cosmetics, accessories and garments.
  • A text scroll at the top shows the visitor the Discount Promo Codes etc.
  • The template has two types of cart: (you may choose to show both or one)
    A floating cart that auto scrolls on the side of the page displaying the ‘number of items in cart’, ‘value of cart’ and ‘checkout button’.
    A floating cart that shows when a product is added.
  • The cart features some advance settings like:
    1) Add DISCOUNT options to the cart
    2) Add PROMO-CODE to avail discounts.
    3) Cart to display the image of the product you have added.
    3) Set minimum and maximum cart value.
    5) Shipping cost can be added from the WB ‘Add to cart’ button setting.
    4) Set Individual Item quantity limit (Like “you can buy only 1 piece of this product”)
  • 5) Add ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ before checkout.
    6) Cart colours can be changed to match,your website theme.
    7) Error messages.
  • The innovative features are of adding product image in the cart when it is ‘Added to Cart’ by a visitor
  • There are many types of Discounts and Promo Codes that can be added to the cart. (Check the discounts page once you go to the demo of the template to see the possibilities.
  • The Cart comes with a detailed User guide manual with video guide links.

Click here for Live demo.
Price: USD 29.99 (If you check over the internet, Vibracart Paypal alone costs 29.99)