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LIVE SUPPORT- Live Chat/Support Tickets/Knowledgebase Extension for WB 7/8

Add a professional LIVE SUPPORT on your website that works from your site and not Third Party hosted. This is an extremely easy way to add a Dynamic Live Support on your site. This extension uses SQL Database hence is extremly stable.

The script used in this extension is extremly light, only 203kb
 Chat Live with your visitors
 Create a Knowledge Base for visitors to Browse
Visitors can submit Support tickets which Admin/Operators may Reply (email notification yes)
Many other features

This is an extremely easy to use but sophisticated Live Support. The Live Support amalgamates with your website very well and hence becomes a part of your website. Unlike other Live Supports which look different from your website and also require lot of configuration, server space and are cumbersome to manage.


♦ The script used in this extension is extremly light, only 203kb
♦ Becomes part of the web pages created by Web Builder software
♦ Add Live Support to a website
♦ Live Support ONLINE/OFFLINE status on the website
♦ Add Knowledge Base to your site
♦ Allow clients to chat with Admin/Operators Live
♦ Allow clients to submit Support Tickets
♦ Trouble Ticket Management
♦ E
mail notification when trouble ticket is submitted and/or answered.


WYSIWYG Web Builder 7 or above
php 5.3 or below
1 SQL database

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