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Lock a page with PHP

Well this is an extension to password protect a page or pages with a php but has some added features.


1) Password protect a page
2) Fix the number of attempts a person can have to login
3) Set a redirect page if password not correct after x number of
4) Cookies are used so once logged in , you stay logged in.
5) You can protect as many pages as you want using this extension with different passwords…you may try using same password but I suppose it will unlock all the pages (with same pass) at one login.

How to install and use?

Extract the lock a page with php.wbx from the zip folder and paste it in you Webbuilder Install folder. Now restart Webbuilder and drag the extension on the page.
Set the page extension to php


Set password for this page:—–Select a password
Redirect to URL if password wrong:—–Set to true or false.
Redirect URL:—–Set the redirect URL.
Maximum Login Attempts:—–Set the maximum number of times a person can attempt login


No responsibility for any losses/damages or any related events arising due to the use of this extension.

It is your liability and risk to use them on your/any website.

Copyright: Prosenjeet Dasgupta


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