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LOGINEXT – Social Login & Registration Extension for WB8-11x


Convert your normal website to have sections protected for members only. Just place the extension and upload and you have pages on your site that are viewable to members only. What else, users can register on your site and login to see the members pages or can use the popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google to login to your site too.

Finally a SIMPLE & EASY Member System extension for WYSIWYG Webbuilder that allows:
+ All texts can be translated to any language, hence can be used on any language website
+ Login with Facebook
+ Login with Google
+ Login with Twitter
+ Or Register on the website and Login
+ Protect as many pages as you want on a website for members only
+ Secure user registration and login
+ Password reset option for users
+ The extension is “Responsive” so can be used on mobile/responsive sites
+ Make the login page match your website colour theme as all colours are editable
+ Email activation feature sends activation email to the users
+ Admin backend to manage/add/search users

Social Login & Registration Extension (Loginext) lets users to login using their favourite social account; authorizes users through social network’s like Facebook, Twitter, Google and also the direct through Signup form enables creation of new user thereby enabling direct login and can be logged in through the login form.
Whenever new user login through social account , new user profile will be created .User don’t have to go though registration process. All profile data will be fetched from social networking site. His email ID and profile name is saved on your site which can be used to track your users or to send them newsletters.

Installation is very simple. Just configure the extension and upload.
Integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google is very easy. Video demo is included for all these features as to how to set them up.

Live Demo:
Click here for live demo (In the demo page click on the pages marked as “Protected pages requires login“)