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Vibracart Shopping Cart extension for WB6, 7 & 8

This Extensions is for the Website development software:
” WYSIWYG Web Builder ” (
Vibracart WYSIWYG Web Builder extension
Drop in replacement for Paypal’s shopping cart
Update 20.06.2011:
Added the option to add a ‘Terms and Condition Acceptance’ Splash before the client is passed over to Paypal once he clicks on ‘Checkout’ button.
If you use Paypal’s add to cart buttons on your site then get rid of that cumbersome cart page that opens in a new window on each button click and replace it with Vibracart Paypal. Vibracart can hover above or be embeddedin your page keeping your clients on your site until they are ready to checkout. Your clients will love the new cart that works so much faster and smoother using AJAX. It is easy to add to your site and works with all the features you currently use in your buttons (such as options and tax etc) and of course will work with any number of pages on your site. Vibracart is cross browser compatible (back to IE6) and even works on Safari on the iPhone. Older browsers will degrade gracefully to use Paypal’s own cart as before.
No SQL Database required
•Simple to install into any page (doesn’t need to be .php)
•Works seamlessly with WYSIWYG Webbuilder ecommerce paypal system or existing Paypal add to cart buttons.
•Works as either a popup cart (not in a new window) or an embedded cart inserted in your page.
•Supports all of Paypal’s button features such as options, discounts and weight calculations.
•Generally works with all modern browsers including iPhone Safari.
•Cart works across any number of pages on your site.
•Total cost, number of items in cart and links to display the cart and checkout can be displayed anywhere on your page
Vibracart Paypal works on most Linux or Windows servers whether shared or dedicated. Just check that the server has PHP 4 or PHP 5 installed (most do).
Purchase: US$ 29.95
Download for Webbuilder 6
Download for Webbuilder 7/8/9


Download link will be sent to your email address moment payment is cleared by paypal. All the products have a LIVE Demo, ensure you see before you buy. We will go out of the way to help you install the extensions, but sorry there are no refunds. A single License is valid for a single Domain and a single Paypal account only