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News Letter & Mailing List

This Extension is no longer being actively developed. Have a look at the new NEWS LETTER Extension.

Ready with the News Letter extension. Where visitors can subscribe to news letter and you can send them news letters from your site. If need be the subscribers can unsubscribe too.
It can be added on any page directly or as a pop up

Some features:
• Users can:
o Subscribe
o Unsubscribe
• Administrator Page to manage:
-Users (delete, restore)
-Groups(create, delete, restore, hide to protect sensitive informations)
-Mails (compose and send, show outbox etc…)
• Very intuitive way to select Recipients. You can send a Mail to a single user, to some users, to one or more groups and so on.
• Ability to send Mails in HTML, add attachments and so on, like any mail client
• Privacy Protection: user addresses are crypted
• Import Users from other Mailing List Managers
• Easy Backup
• Scheduling
• Validation Email
• Language packs
• Easy to update without any loss of information
• Stable and deeply tested


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