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PARTICLES Responsive Animated Template for Web builder 12x

  • Magic of Webbuilder 12 weaved into a brand new template – Particles. (built on WB 12.1.1)
  • Comes with the exclusive ‘Particles‘ extension.
  • Updated dated 23/07/2017
    Now it is possible to change from within the template; the coloursize and speed of dots and lines in the ‘particles’ that move on the home page.
  • Uses ‘Particles extension’ to create a magic floating particles effect on the home page.
  • Uses the new features introduced in Webbuilder 12.
  • Social Network connection integrated in “Particles extension”: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Behance, Instagram
  • Animated and fully responsive.
  • This is a complete website (9 pages) and can be used in any type of website.
  • Adding new pages as per your need is very easy.
  • Includes a working Contact form page.
  • Includes a Gallery page.

Click here to view live demo of the template