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thanks for your help

Aug 07, 2015 by saad
What I Liked Here: Tamplate • 
Country: KSA 

thanks to me.prosenjeet for his help on line
very nice

Brilliant Work!

Jul 08, 2015 by Brijesh Singhal
What I Liked Here: Speed and Accuracy • 
Country: India 

Mr. Dasgupta was extremely quick and efficient in fixing the problem I was having with my website. He worked tirelessly, coordinating with me the whole time and brought my website back up within hours. Great job. Will definitely work with again.

All Extensions

Jun 30, 2015 by Ali
What I Liked Here: Super Blog - Webbuilder Extension • 
Country: Sweden 

Thank you very much. They are very useful.

Real Estate Seller Listing Extension

May 24, 2015 by Isaac
What I Liked Here: Soport • 
Country: US 

The extension is very good, you could elaborate a little more so that it would also be a perfect local directory. I had a few questions on the installation, and he answered me very fast and also solved the problem. very good.

Subscribe extension

Jan 04, 2015 by Michael Waller
What I Liked Here: Fantastic support • 
Country: Thailand 

Not being particularly experienced in these issues I no doubt did something wrong during the installation but was fixed for me in next to no time after asking for support, and this over a weekend! Excellent support, highly recommended.

Help me

Dec 16, 2014 by Juan Manuel de Dios
What I Liked Here: Support • 
Country: SPAIN 

Great seller. Support is great. I will buy again

2 websites

Aug 27, 2014 by Marc
What I Liked Here: Templates • 
Country: Belgium 

bought 2 websites and am happy with it

Forum Extension

May 07, 2014 by Keith Anderson
What I Liked Here: Lovely Extensions for WYSIWYG WB • 
Country: UK 

I just recently purchased the Forum Extension and through my own fault made a silly error. Contacted Prosenjeet Dasgupta who responded, discovered and corrected my problem inside 23 minutes. Thats what I call "Service" and 'Support'. Thank You.

Problem solved immediately

Dec 05, 2013 by Speleers Peter
What I Liked Here: Great extensions for WB • 
Country: Belgium 

I got a problem with an extension.
The support was great.
I one hour my extension works!
Thank you!

Live Support Extension for WB - use .uwbx format

Aug 02, 2013 by José Luis González García
What I Liked Here: Excellent • 
Country: México 

I´m very happy with your support (via Teamviewer) regarding my questions and your answer. thanks.

Lucknowwebs , India 5.0 5.0 51 51 hellothanks to me.prosenjeet for his help on linevery nice

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