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All Extensions

Jun 30, 2015 by Ali
What I Liked Here: Super Blog - Webbuilder Extension • 
Country: Sweden 

Thank you very much. They are very useful.

Real Estate Seller Listing Extension

May 24, 2015 by Isaac
What I Liked Here: Soport • 
Country: US 

The extension is very good, you could elaborate a little more so that it would also be a perfect local directory. I had a few questions on the installation, and he answered me very fast and also solved the problem. very good.

Subscribe extension

Jan 04, 2015 by Michael Waller
What I Liked Here: Fantastic support • 
Country: Thailand 

Not being particularly experienced in these issues I no doubt did something wrong during the installation but was fixed for me in next to no time after asking for support, and this over a weekend! Excellent support, highly recommended.

Help me

Dec 16, 2014 by Juan Manuel de Dios
What I Liked Here: Support • 
Country: SPAIN 

Great seller. Support is great. I will buy again

2 websites

Aug 27, 2014 by Marc
What I Liked Here: Templates • 
Country: Belgium 

bought 2 websites and am happy with it

Forum Extension

May 07, 2014 by Keith Anderson
What I Liked Here: Lovely Extensions for WYSIWYG WB • 
Country: UK 

I just recently purchased the Forum Extension and through my own fault made a silly error. Contacted Prosenjeet Dasgupta who responded, discovered and corrected my problem inside 23 minutes. Thats what I call "Service" and 'Support'. Thank You.

Problem solved immediately

Dec 05, 2013 by Speleers Peter
What I Liked Here: Great extensions for WB • 
Country: Belgium 

I got a problem with an extension.
The support was great.
I one hour my extension works!
Thank you!

Live Support Extension for WB - use .uwbx format

Aug 02, 2013 by José Luis González García
What I Liked Here: Excellent • 
Country: México 

I´m very happy with your support (via Teamviewer) regarding my questions and your answer. thanks.


Jul 31, 2013 by Televirtual
What I Liked Here: Support • 
Country: US 

Thanks my friends to help me on how to use properly the SQL extension! You guys are great!


Mar 12, 2013 by Helder P Sampaio
What I Liked Here: Product • 
Country: Brasil 

I purchased the vibracart extension for WYSIWYG Webbuilder, easy to implement and customize, very helpfull. Looking forward to buy other templates,to speed up launching new business...

Lucknowwebs , India 5.0 5.0 49 49 Thank you very much. They are very useful.

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