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Help and advice

Aug 15, 2012 by Nick
What I Liked Here: Everything • 
Country: Wales 

I can not praise Prosenjeet enough this is the third occasion he has help me out with a problem i was having and on all three occasions he has requested nothing in return. His sites and extensions are amazing and if there not free, he charges next to nothing for them. with out a doubt one of the nicest and most capable guys on the net. Big Big thanks for all your help.
Kind regards, Nick

Great Templates, and good job

Jul 01, 2012 by Steph2saly
What I Liked Here: Templates for WB8 / Great feeling • 
Country: Sénégal 

Ok, I bought 4 or 5 templates here ! I\'m a happy customer,because there is good product, with excellent support when there is a problem. Excellent job! Just now I bought the NEWS LETTER PRO extension for Web Builder: it\'s very easy to install and to admin it ! The support is great !
Thanks a lot, Dieuredieuf, in Wolof !

"The Site Doctor"

Jun 09, 2012 by Dr. Joseph Bowles
What I Liked Here: Working with Prosenjeet • 
Country: Texas, USA 

To all viewers of this page: I am a relative newcomer to website development and internet marketing.

Having Prosenjeet evaluate my existing site then suggest the upgrades and corrections needed was truly a Godsend for my new business. With his advice and assistance, I now have a website that I\'m both proud of and EXCITED about. It looks great. It works great.

I\'ve worked with a number of designers in the past to get what I wanted and they let me down. Prosenjeet is very skillful and worked very diligently to do such an excellent job and HE DID IT FAST! In my opinion, he is a \"Can Do Man!\"

My advice to you. Hire Prosenjeet!

Regards. Dr. Joseph Bowles - Austin, Texas USA

Ready made templates

Apr 15, 2012 by James Roberts
What I Liked Here: Ease of access and excellent Online help • 
Country: United Kingdom 

I have 5 Sites from Here and i am Happy with them all. the customer service is second to none and help is always at hand.
I will continue to get all my scripts and templates from Lucknowwebs

Professional developer

Mar 08, 2012 by
What I Liked Here: Understanding of one’s requests , good communication , works quickly with no delays. • 
Country: The Netherlands 

At first I had a lot of doubt beginning new in blogging and not knowing enough about Prosenjeets perfection and awesome abilities in his skills, but now I will miss our long chats on my desires to have a more processional looking blog . Thank you very much for all your suggestions on analyzing and improving my wordpress blog to a very warm and interesting website for my viewers ,yet extremly SEO friendly. Truly highly recommended

Very good service

Feb 26, 2012 by Graham J Hadlington (Helping Hands UK Org)
What I Liked Here: Fast service, good support • 
Country: UK 

We review software for challenged PC users and are about to review Web Builder V8. We needed a template converting and constructing and this was constructed in a very swift manner by Lucknowwebs.

We had some issues with setting-up the template but were guided through this until it was sorted.

I did not say I was visually impaired (registered blind) and physically disabled but the work was carried out in a great manner.

Graham J Hadlington
Helping Hands UK Org


Feb 07, 2012 by Nick
What I Liked Here: Templates • 
Country: Wales 

Truly amazing support, so rare these day that someone is so quick to help out for no financial gain. You really are one in a million Big Thanks for all your help!!

Great Support!

Feb 06, 2012 by George
What I Liked Here: Everything • 
Country: Greece 

Before and After sale Support is the most valuable thing.I admire when support it's in a friendly condition and not just typical! I can tell he spend a lot of time for me to help and finally we found the solution!Thanks again lucknowwebs (pro ;P)

Great Job

Jan 30, 2012 by Raymond
What I Liked Here: Support and Ideas • 
Country: Luxemburg 

Always a pleasure to visit Lucknow Webs to
enjoy the evolution of Webdesign


Nov 11, 2011 by Robert
What I Liked Here: Nice work • 
Country: USA 

Not only he does a beautiful job with his extensions and sites, but also is a helping fellow without asking for anything. Awesome work and GREAT guy.

Thanks for your sharing and kindness

Lucknowwebs , India 5.0 5.0 51 51 hellothanks to me.prosenjeet for his help on linevery nice

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