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Ready made templates

Apr 15, 2012 by James Roberts
What I Liked Here: Ease of access and excellent Online help • 
Country: United Kingdom 

I have 5 Sites from Here and i am Happy with them all. the customer service is second to none and help is always at hand.
I will continue to get all my scripts and templates from Lucknowwebs

Professional developer

Mar 08, 2012 by
What I Liked Here: Understanding of one’s requests , good communication , works quickly with no delays. • 
Country: The Netherlands 

At first I had a lot of doubt beginning new in blogging and not knowing enough about Prosenjeets perfection and awesome abilities in his skills, but now I will miss our long chats on my desires to have a more processional looking blog . Thank you very much for all your suggestions on analyzing and improving my wordpress blog to a very warm and interesting website for my viewers ,yet extremly SEO friendly. Truly highly recommended

Very good service

Feb 26, 2012 by Graham J Hadlington (Helping Hands UK Org)
What I Liked Here: Fast service, good support • 
Country: UK 

We review software for challenged PC users and are about to review Web Builder V8. We needed a template converting and constructing and this was constructed in a very swift manner by Lucknowwebs.

We had some issues with setting-up the template but were guided through this until it was sorted.

I did not say I was visually impaired (registered blind) and physically disabled but the work was carried out in a great manner.

Graham J Hadlington
Helping Hands UK Org


Feb 07, 2012 by Nick
What I Liked Here: Templates • 
Country: Wales 

Truly amazing support, so rare these day that someone is so quick to help out for no financial gain. You really are one in a million Big Thanks for all your help!!

Great Support!

Feb 06, 2012 by George
What I Liked Here: Everything • 
Country: Greece 

Before and After sale Support is the most valuable thing.I admire when support it's in a friendly condition and not just typical! I can tell he spend a lot of time for me to help and finally we found the solution!Thanks again lucknowwebs (pro ;P)

Great Job

Jan 30, 2012 by Raymond
What I Liked Here: Support and Ideas • 
Country: Luxemburg 

Always a pleasure to visit Lucknow Webs to
enjoy the evolution of Webdesign


Nov 11, 2011 by Robert
What I Liked Here: Nice work • 
Country: USA 

Not only he does a beautiful job with his extensions and sites, but also is a helping fellow without asking for anything. Awesome work and GREAT guy.

Thanks for your sharing and kindness


Oct 21, 2011 by Peter C
What I Liked Here: Everything! • 
Country: Ireland 

Always a pleasure visitng Lucknow Webs, always something of interest and always something I can use !
Keep up the good work!

Awesome WB7 Templates

Oct 20, 2011 by Lezlee
What I Liked Here: Great templates and wonderful customer service • 
Country: USA 

I used the black current template for women's organization and they LOVED IT. Prosenjeet's templates are user friendly and I always learn something new with every template of his I use. He is very professional and quickly answers my questions. I keep coming back time after time to check out his newest enhancements.

Professional Fast, and Awesom

Oct 01, 2011 by Marco
What I Liked Here: Professional Fast, creative smart. • 
Country: United States 

I\'ve never experienced a more knowledgeable person, he knows it from who is better hosting to which code you should use. and does it with a passion. To him web design is like painting on a canvas and he paint like Picasso. On the other hand when he\'s helping you he\'s patient, open to ideas, and will never make you feel stupid. I love his work. And look forward doing biz again with you.
Thank you So very Much.

Lucknowwebs , India 5.0 5.0 48 48 The extension is very good, you could elaborate a little more so that it would also be a perfect local directory. I had a few questions on the installation, and he answered me very

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