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RnD Responsive & Dynamic Blog Extension for Webbuilder



Finally the much awaited Responsive and Dynamic Blog extension for WYSIWYG Webbuilder is here.

Loads of features, just to name a few:

  1. Fully Responsive
  2. Set number of posts on a page
  3. Add Categories
  4. Fully Translatable
  5. Show full post or show “Read More”
  6. Set Post order/Comment order
  7. Allow/disallow comment posting
  8. Admin comment approval
  9. Comment order(eg. New on top)
  10. Share blog posts on Facebook Twitter Linkedin etc
  11. Set “Banned Words” protection
  12. Set Time zone
  13. Can use external layout file to work on the blog
  14. Edit/Delete Posts
  15. Captcha protection for comments
  16. SEO Friendly
  17. Multiple Themes
  18. Limit post length (Read More option)
  19. Add on’s
  20. Can add images/flash objects/videos/YouTube videos etc.
  21. All configurable including layout/background/spacing
  22. For your ease, download includes a working demo webbuilder project and an extensive install guide
  23. And many more features now its upto you to do the rest :-)

Click here for a live Demo


Want this extension incorporated in a web builder template?

Click here and check this out!