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SQL Database Table Import Extension for Web Builder


This Extensions is for the Website development software:
” WYSIWYG Web Builder ” (
What this extension does?
As a continuation of innovative extensions for WYSIWYG Web Builder here is one more extension to ease your use of SQL based extensions.
Lets consider some extensions/scripts that require you to import an SQL table to the SQL database you create for the extension. For example the php Blog extension for WB, it requires you to import an provided SQL table into the database you create for the extension to run. Well this is where this extension comes handy, open the extension, fill your SQL details, select the ‘.sql’ file with the tables in the extension, upload the page as upload all and then open the page in your browser. That’s all, your tables have been imported and ready for use!

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If you have any doubts about this, please contact me before buying the extension.
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