Extension by www.Lucknowwebs.com
Demo for WYSIWYG Web Builder

How to install the extension?

This page was designed on WB. Read the content below to know how the extension works.

Goto https://disqus.com/admin/signup/?utm_source=New-Site. Once you have registered there, note down the Site Shortname displayed by Disqus, Download the Disqus WB extension from HERE and install it on your registered copy of WB. Open WB and create your page and add the Disqus Extension to the place you want to add on your page.
In the 'properties' of the extension you just need to add the
Site Shortname you noted down while registering on Disqus
Now upload your page with the Disqus extension.
NOTE: Do not forget to edit the settings on your Disqus account to control comments etc.

There are loads of other Free and premium extensions available for WYSIWYG webbuilder, ensure you check them too.

Below is the demo of comments adding on a page.
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